Services Provided To Our Customers

Complete Trimming Procedures


Trees of Eden specializes in performing proper and complete tree trimming in Laurel and Billings for our valued customers. This includes thinning, raising, shaping, deadwood removal, selective height / width reduction, corrective pruning, and more. Our goal is to maintain a healthy environment for your trees to thrive by improving air circulation within and around their perimeter. We establish proper clearance from existing structures such as homes / roofs, fences, sheds, etc., eliminating damage to both your valuable plants and other objects. 

We also provide full trimming services for your hedges and specimen shrubs.

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Tree And Shrub Removal


Trees of Eden is a licensed and insured company who offers tree removal in Laurel, Billings, and the surrounding communities when necessary. Sometimes plants outgrow their designated location in the landscape, are overcome with insects, diseases, and other cultural challenges, or simply reach the end of their life cycle and sadly must be removed. We can help with this task. Safety is always a top concern for these projects including a preliminary evaluation, structures and objects within the drop zone, pedestrian and vehicle presence, and other factors. We will remove all brush and debris from the project and leave your outdoor living space clean and immaculate.

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Related Tree Services


Other services that Trees of Eden provides are lot clearing, brush hauling, root crown maintenance, landscaping, mulching, roof gutter cleaning, storm damage and mitigation, tree inventory and evaluation, consultation, and more. 

Please call or write for your FREE estimate and to let us know how we can help you achieve your landscaping goals and maintain property value on your investment.

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